This is complimented with local support and back-up from our Slaney Direct team.

In cutting out traditional distribution costs and a new streamline supply route substantial savings can be realised.
The key potential benefits include :-

Slaney Direct specialises in the supply of Controls and Sensors to the UK and Irish HVAC Controls & Process Automation industry direct from Europe's premier independent manufacturers.

Our exclusive partners are world class manufacturers using the latest technology producing best in class products at best prices. Our philosophy is under-pinned by the idea of best value, not just lowest cost.

Factory gate prices - significant savings on current market prices.

Extensive range - many not previously available in the market .

Factory guaranteed warranty of a minimum 12 months.

Local support and back up - over 30 years industry experience.

Slaney Direct will continue to challenge traditional processes and costs involved in the supply of products to the HVAC Controls & Process Automation industry.

Slaney Direct is a community member of Asite Plc

'At Asite we are creating a community of like-minded organisations who want to get construction right.'                                
                                  Sir John Egan

For the Best in Control Valves & Sensors
For the Best in Control Valves & Sensors

Control Valves and
for Building & Process Automation

Control Valves





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