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HORA’s product range covers a multiple of applications in Building Automation, Industry and Gas storage/distribution today.
It includes control valves, butterfly valves, mixing valves, and electric linear and quarter-turn actuators. HORA can supply a range of products which is probably the most extensive offered by any company in Europe. HORA is a partner to all the leading measuring and control firms, system suppliers and system houses.

Thanks to HORA's quality, medium at pressures up to PN 40 and temperatures up to 350 °C can be safely controlled – and with diameters up to DN500. Our team of sales and technical experts is able to develop process-optimised solutions.

HORA's actuators with micro-controller can be adjusted in situ to meet all kinds of control and regulation requirements. Through automatic self-calibration and variable adjustment, they are suitable for universal application.

HORA produces control valves in over 100,000 variations including:

  1/2"(DN15) to 20"(DN500) plug & seat valves
  Selection of Kvs values per size
  Linear or Equal% characteristics
  Extremely low leakage
  Pressures up to PN40 (40Bar)
  Valve bodies in cast iron, cast steel, SG iron and stainless steel
  Balanced plug options for greater close off pressures.
  Actuators for 24Vac, 230Vac, 0...10Vdc, 4...20mA and pneumatic operation.
  Options for IP65 housing and supplied assembled, stroked and tagged.
  Butterfly valve range up to 16" (400mm)

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HORA's latest CDRom has been updated

HORA's latest CDRom has been updated with new products, latest prices and a whole host of useful information including a presentation on HORA Flow Control.  The latest Price List contains more products than ever before. New pages include larger control valve sizes up to 300mm. However, with over 100,000 variances available do not hesitate to contact us if you can not find what you are looking for.

The latest CD-ROM contains all product information and therefore serves as a practical reference on your PC.

The easy-to-use interface provides quick and convenient access to all:

  Data Sheets
  Circuit diagrams 
  Operating Instructions

Other information on the CD-ROM includes product brochures, company presentation, certificates of approval and Price List.

For your personal copy please email us now detailing your address at .

HORA Catalogue/Price List 2017

Control Valve brochure

HORA Literature 2017

A complete range of Actuators to achieve close off pressures for all applications.

HORA Actuator range

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Product Overview -
Building Automation, Industry & Actuators

Product Overview - Gas
For the Best in Control Valves & Sensors
For the Best in Control Valves & Sensors

Control Valves and
for Building & Process Automation

Control Valves


Control Valves




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