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HORA presents two new series of small and innovative control valves for the HVAC market, called BR216MZ and BR316MZ, and their new actuator type MC15.
Thanks to the continuous equal percentage characteristic when compared to both conventional valves of its class and alternative technologies, these valves offer clear advantages for the user, especially when thermal power has to be controlled exactly. This accurate control quality is a result of their type of construction as globe valves, in combination with an elaborate new design of the plug. Especially when used with consumers having curved characteristics, the characteristic of the valve leads to an almost linear and therefore ideal behaviour. Additionally, the very low leakage rate of only 0.02% of the kvs value leads to a high energy efficiency of the new valves.
The new valves are available as two way valves BR216MZ and three way valves BR316MZ in sizes of DN15 to DN25 and with kvs values of 0.25 m³/h to 8 m³/h. The new valves are positioned below the existing control valves of HORA and will complete the product range of HORA in that class.
New compact control valves for HVAC applications
New fast acting linear actuator MC400 for HVAC applications

The new fast acting actuator MC400 for the HORA HVAC valves of the series BR206GF, BR216GF, BR306GF and BR316GF is now available. The technology of the new actuator is based on the approved type MC403 for the industrial valves of HORA. It can be ordered for 24 VAC and for 230 VAC respectively. Its thrust is 4 kN at 2,5 mm/s, what means that a valve of the size DN65 can be closed within only 8 seconds.

New 2.5 kN actuator with HORA fail-safe technology

Blockage detection
If the linear actuator is blocked manually, the linear actuator will briefly move back and then retry to reach the required position. If this is still unsuccessful after a total of 7 attempts the linear actuator will be turned off in order to prevent damage to the linear actuator and the control element.

HORA launches a new powerful fail-safe actuator.
Similar to the smaller model MC103-SE, the new actuator combines the advantages of the approved HORA MC actuators with the patented HORA fail-safe technology. This innovative fail-safe device contains a special hydraulic construction, which is used to lock the fail safe mechanism in normal use and to dampen its movement in the case of power failure to avoid water hammers in the system. The new design is extremely reliable as it works without moving parts in normal use, and hence practically without wear.
The MC253-SE offers a thrust of 2.5 kN and accepts modulated control signals 0(4)..20 mA or 0(2)..10 V, and 3-point control (open/close) as well. Special features are the rugged planetary gearbox, the automatic calibration and the wear-free contactless Hall-effect sensor of the feedback signal device.
As all electric linear actuators of the HORA MC-series, the MC253-SE is available for many valves of other makes as well and therefore a perfect high quality alternative to conventional actuators of other manufacturers.

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The SmartDrive MX replaces the traditional thermostatic head and is the front runner in the area of intelligent actuators with minimal energy consumption. Its bi-directional communication via the standardized EnOcean wireless technology makes it a smarter actuator and therefore offers a high level of flexibility so that it can be integrated into almost all central building services systems.

Thanks to the functions which are implemented, such as the measurement of the flow temperature, the recognition of the end position on both sides and the feedback on the exact valve positioning, it delivers the crucial basic data for the best possible heating system.

The SmartDrive MX can be retrofitted easily: wirelessly, without a large amount of effort and without an expensive specialist. It increases the energy efficiency of the building heating and pays for itself in just a few years. Reducing heating costs is child's play with the SmartDrive MX. Thanks to its open interface structure, the SmartDrive MX will instantly feel at home in any system environment.

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HORA SmartDrive MX
Wireless Heating Valve Actuator

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