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New HORA Catalogue for ...
HORA the leading European Control Valve manuafacturer has launched it's New  Catalogue for ...

New Actuator range extended
New high torque Actuators up to 15kN have been added to Hora's intelligent linear actuator range ...

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New Wireless Sensor Technology, Monitors Gases in Car Parks
The measurement system consists of a receiver unit and up to  ...

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News Updates

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It's Easy to go Green with EnOcean
Energy costs are rising. Resources of oil, coal and gas are running low. ....

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In with the New ......
Slaney Direct are delighted to announce their new partners for .....

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New Catalogues for ....
Slaney Direct has announced the availability of a complete range of Catalogues for . .....


HORA Control Valves 

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BuildingEfficiency Award ..
spega's e.control 2.0 was crowned best automation system . ....

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Controlling pressure conditions even closer PREMASGARD series multifunctional pressure sensors ......

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Modbus controllers with LCD display and module
Modbus controllers with communicative controllers and are used ......

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Fieldbus input modules and fieldbus output modules
The new fieldbus systems with S-Bus or Modbus protocol ...... with the NEW

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spega Room Automation

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S+S Sensor Range

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Control Valves






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