dialog 8 - combines all the functions!

dialog 8 is completely at home in representative rooms with high levels of functionality. The high quality optics in three shades of colours – pure white, anthracite and aluminium – which can also be combined with a stainless steel or glass frame – further highlights the character of the room. more

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tactio from spega
nova from spega
dialog 1 from spega
dialog 8 from spega
dialog RC from spega

spega – over 10 years of expertise in room automation.

For more than 10 years, intelligent buildings have been spega's passion. They recognised early on the importance of room automation for the energy efficiency, flexibility of use and ergonomics of commercial buildings. These requirements led to the creation of their room automation system e.control, which represents the most comprehensive and functional system of its kind today.
To protect their customers’ investments, they consciously rely only on open standards from the room automation and IT fields. In this way, e.control combines the best-in-class LON, BACnet, DALI, SMI and EnOcean technologies with the IP world to create a uniform room automation system with a unique functional range. Active participation in the relevant organisations is therefore a logical step for them.
And since they have been committed to the sustainability of buildings right from the beginning, it goes without saying that they are a member of the German Sustainable Building Council.
The system ranks as one of the most comprehensive and functional of its kind and also complies with the most stringent requirements of DIN EN 15232 (Energy efficiency of buildings) and VDI 3813 (Part 1: Funadmentals for room control and Part 2: room control functions).

tactio from spega

Best automation system

spega's e.control wins award for best automation system 2011more

DIN EN 15232 - Energy performance of buildings
VDI 3813 - Room automation
VDI VDE 3512 - Temperature measurement for building automation
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
BRE Environmental Assessment Method
Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
German Sustainable Building Council
German energy saving directive

dialog RC - wireless freedom!

The variability in interior design is now perfectly supported by battery-free control elements in the e.control room automation system. EnOcean-based room temperature sensors with or without setpoint adjustment and pushbuttons for operating the lighting or sunblinds more

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clima LCD, RCM and RO - switches are becoming intelligent!

The selection of control elements is determined by functional and design requirements. For this reason, the switch manufacturers such as Berker, Gira, Jung or Merten offer numerous design variations of pushbuttons, sockets and other installation devices. The aim of the clima LCD, clima RCM, clima RO and lumina T6 e.control systems is to make these standard switching programs usable for room automation and thus ensure a standard appearance for the control elements, data technology and sockets. more

tactio - room control quality you can feel!

tactio from spega is the epitome of consummate room control. The high-quality optics with a real glass surface in white and black are the ideal complement to a stylish interior. A graphic colour display with a 320x 240 point resolution shows information on all room statuses, with all room functions controlled by simply touching. more

nova - modern design with intelligence!

The new nova room control devices from spega meet the highest demands in terms of function and design. Its straight lines with high-gloss surfaces underscore the architecture, creating an intuitive interface with the user without being too bold. more

dialog 1 - room automation at its best!

Thanks to its timeless design and a high-quality finish of anodised aluminium the room control panel dialog 1 fits perfectly into the architecture of modern building. more

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e.control room automation spega’s e.control catalogue 2016/2017 underscores our goal to be your preferred solution provider for the automation of ALL systems in ALL rooms for ALL building types!



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